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Default Unused Managed Properties in SharePoint Search Schema


In his blog post, we will talk about the default unused managed properties in SharePoint Online. Such as what type of managed properties are available, total number of various managed properties and also the most important, ID of the managed properties.

Default Unused Managed Properties

In SharePoint, a new site collection comes with different types of managed properties. Some of them are already used by the SharePoint and rest of the properties remain unused for us to reuse so that we don’t need to create a new managed property. We can also rename these unused managed properties using the alias as per our requirement.

See below table that provides an overview of such managed properties which are unused and available by default:

Managed property typeCountMultiQuerySearchRetrieveRefineSortManaged property name range
Date10QueryDate00 to Date09
Date20MultiQueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableDate00 to RefinableDate19
Date2QueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableDateInvariant00 to RefinableDateInvariant01
Date5QueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableDateSingle00 to RefinableDateSingle04
Decimal10QueryDecimal00 to Decimal09
Decimal10MultiQueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableDecimal00 to RefinableDecimal09
Double10QueryDouble00 to Double09
Double10MultiQueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableDouble00 to RefinableDouble09
Integer50QueryInt00 to Int49
Integer50MultiQueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableInt00 to RefinableInt49
String200MultiQueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableString00 to RefinableString199
String40MultiQueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableStringFirst00 to RefinableStringFirst39
String10MultiQueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableStringLn00 to RefinableStringLn09
String50QueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableStringWbOff00 to RefinableStringWbOff49
String50MultiQueryRetrieveRefineSortRefinableStringWbOffFirst00 to RefinableStringWbOffFirst49
Overview of the default unused managed properties

ID of the Managed Properties

When we need to provision the managed properties, especially using the XML schema, the most important part is the ID of the managed properties and as a SharePoint developer, I feel that this is the most critical information that must be handy. See following table for the Id of various managed properties:

Sr NoManaged Property TypePIDExample
1RefinableString10000000RefinableString00 -> 1000000000
2Int10000001Int00 -> 1000000100
3Date10000002Date00 -> 1000000200
4Decimal10000003Decimal00 -> 1000000300
5Double10000004Double00 -> 1000000400
6RefinableInt10000005RefinableInt00 -> 1000000500
7RefinableDate10000006RefinableDate00 -> 1000000600
8RefinableDateSingle0100000065RefinableDateSingle00 -> 1000000650
9RefinableDateInvariant0100000066RefinableDateInvariant00 -> 1000000660
10RefinableDecimal10000007RefinableDecimal00 -> 1000000700
11RefinableDouble10000008RefinableDouble00 -> 1000000800
12RefinableString110000009RefinableString100 -> 1000000900
Property ID of the various default unused managed properties in SharePoint Search Schema

For more details about the Search Schema in SharePoint, refer to the official documentation from Microsoft at Manage the search schema in SharePoint – SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment in case you have any feedback, suggestions, or queries.

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